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Introducing Sketch Icons Plugin

Supercharge your workflow.

Import a whole set of icons to your project, all at once.
And create a dynamic icon library in less than 5 minutes.

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Requires Sketch 52+. Latest version v5.0.0

Features πŸ’‘

Import into Sketch

Add your icons to your project

You can now massively import your icons, while choosing multiple sizes and converting them automatically to a symbol.

From folder to Sketch

Drag and drop directly into Sketch

Yes, it’s now possible with the brand new feature Β« Organize Icons Β». And it works with IconJar.

Create dynamic icons

Automatically apply a color mask

Nest your icons in your components and thus change the icon and its color on the fly thanks to the right panel.

Advanced features

Create Presets

Import your icons in different sizes, with different padding.

Add Prefix

Automatically add a prefix, in order to classify your symbols.

Set Grid

Create beautiful grids by determining the number of icons per line.

Define Spacing

Choose the perfect margin size between icons.

Support different formats

Compatible with different icon formats such as SVG or PDF.

Convert Stroke to Fill

Add a dynamic color mask over your outlined icons. It’s magic.

Download Sketch Icons

Import a whole set of icons to your project, all at once.

Download Sketch Plugin

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